Wednesday, November 5

Barbie Diamond Castle Review

The Princesses have been is Barbie heaven since Barbie & The Diamond Castle DVD arrived for review. They have watched it almost everyday. We even took it on our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and they watched it on the way down and back. I now know most of the words to the songs of the two main characters Alexa and Liana played by Teresa and Barbie. The movie is about two best friends that work together using their friendship and music to save Melody and the Diamond castle. The two friends get upset with each other and have to find a way to mend their friendship and save the day. This is our third Barbie movie and I know we will be adding more as they come out. If you have a little girl who loves music and Barbie I would recommend picking this up for her. I know my girls keep telling everyone about the great new Barbie movie they have and that everyone should buy it. She even told her little friends which stores she saw the movie at so they could get it too.

Now keep checking back as I will be will be having a Barbie & The Diamond Castle giveaway soon.

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