Wednesday, November 19

The Princesses visted the Dentist Yesterday

The girls love going to the dentist as they have a big play area with a castle, train table, two arcade video games and of course a carousel.

We went 20 minutes early just to play but they saw us right away, which means we stayed over 30 minutes to play after they were done.
Princess G is all smile now but she did not want the Dentist is polish her teeth at all. As soon as she saw the chair she covered her mouth and said 'I don't want him to use it on my teeth!!" She let him exam and count her teeth very easily. The polishing and fluoride stuff was not very fun. It only last a minute or two but she was really mad!! She then was very concerned about getting her goodie bag. As soon as they gave her the coin (to get a prize from the vending machines) and her new toothbrush she was fine.

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