Tuesday, December 14

Dislocated my Jaw at the Dentist

Guess what happen to me at the Dentist today! It was not my Dentist's fault, it just happen because my mouth had to be open for about 70 minutes. I was having some fillings replaced. I had the other side of my mouth done a week and a half ago. When I had that treatment a week and a half ago I did have a hard time getting my jaw to pop back into proper alignment. I have TMJ but I have been able to manage it so it only bothers me twice a year when I have dental cleanings. If I open my jaw wide my jaw joint can become misaligned. I have always been able to pop it back by opening and shutting my mouth a few times. This time I could only get one side back in the joint. Luckily my Dentist knew what to do and she was able to get get my jaw back in the proper position. Since my jaw has been dislocated I have to follow a specific treatment for at least the next week. I am not suppose to open my mouth more than and inch and no yawning, I have to hold my mouth closed if I feel one coming on. The Dentist also wrote out two prescriptions for me, a very strong Motrin and at night, Valium. I have never had anything more than over the counter ibuprofen so I am not sure how well I will react to it. I really did not want to take the prescription for the Valium but it is proven to help with relaxing the muscle of the jaw and helps with swelling in the jaw too. I have to be very careful for the next week so my jaw does not becomes dislocated again. Once I can chew again, (in a few days) it will have to be soft foods. After a week I am then suppose to slowing start stretching my jaw open a little more each day. I have no idea what I will be eating for the next few day. I have only had black bean soup (pure liquid) with a tiny bit of shredded cheese that melted and yogurt. I had to slurp both of them as even opening my mouth for a spoon is uncomfortable.

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