Monday, December 20

mOmma Baby Feeding Products Review

I was sent the mOmma Rocking Cup and the mOmma Soft Spoon. Before I mention how great the two products are I first have to gush about the packaging! They were both so easy to open. When I first saw the packaging I figured I would need the scissors to cut through the hard plastic and hope I don't cut or scratch myself. Instead the front and back just come apart. There is a small plastic loop that prevents the packaging from opening enough to get the product out but the loop is so easy to cup and to get the product out. Sorry but the easy open packaging really made me very happy!

Now on to the great mOmma products. First the Soft Spoon. It reminds me of a weeble, they wobble but they don't fall down. The part of the spoon that goes in your babies mouth does not touch the surface the spoon is resting on. Besides not falling out it is just fun to use. The spoon is also great when away from the house because it comes with a cover. You could draw a face on the cover and have a cute toy for your baby to play with while getting their food ready. I really like that the cover is easy to get on and off but it never fell off on its own.

The second mOmma product I was sent is the Rocking Cup. The cup, just like the spoon, rocks back and forth. The cup does not come with a separate cover because instead the straw gets tucked into the lid. To hide the straw you just twist the green part of the lid. These mOmma products are so innovative and just plain fun to use. What I like too is that not only are they products you will use in feeding your baby but they are entertaining for a baby so they can be a mealtime toy and feeding product.

This post was written for Family Review Network & mOmma who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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