Thursday, December 2

School Happenings

The girls each entered the PTA Reflections contest this year.
Princess A entered a drawing and photograph.
Princess A entered a drawing, photograph and story.
Both of them won and will move on to the district competition.
They both had their photograph win and Princess A's story also won. In October Princess A won a WOW award for Kindness.
Each month her school pick a positive attribute and pick 2 - 4 kids in each class to win an award. That same day (they picked matching outfits on their own) Princess G had her ICU picked so she won an ice cream party. An ICU is when a staff member (not their own teacher) catches them doing something good or following the rules well. Once a month 1 ICU is chosen from each class and gets a prize. A few days before Halloween Princess A and her class took a field trip to see the play Frog and Toad. It was her first real play and she loved it. The last day of school before Halloween was Princess A's first PJ day at school. Only her class earned the privilege. She wore her Give a Mouse a cookie PJs and her cupcake nightgown over it. Last week was the 50 day of school for kindergartners so they dressed up in 50s clothes.
Princess A was nice enough to let her sister borrow her long pink skirt and I sewed a leash and Scottie dog (I had a felt one) to complete the look.

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