Monday, March 24

Date night

My husband and I have not been out without the Princesses since our 10th anniversary back in December. Well we finally went on a date. We were planning on going out for a big steak dinner but right before we left my DH asked if I really wanted steak. I really did not mind where we went so together we decided on Thai food. I knew we would get Pad Thai, my DH can not eat Thai food without ordering it! We also had a wonderful dish called Tom Kha Kai (chicken in coconut soup). After we ordered I realized that we ordered exactly what had been ordered for Princess A birthday dinner. DH had been out of town for work on Princess A's birthday so a girlfriend and her daughter (Princess A's best friend) meant at the same restaurant for dinner that night. It was really nice to be out with my husband not worry about feeding anyone but myself. When we were done we still had some time so we went to Cold Stone. We shared a Berry Berry Good Original Creation (cream ice cream, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries). Yummy!! We keep talking about going out to a movie but my DH always chickens out saying the babysitter might call (for the record we have never been called by the babysitter) and we would have to leave the movie. I have two movie tickets I have to use before June (or end of June) so I am hoping that will motivate my DH to take me to the movies. I have not been to the movies with just my husband since Princess A was a few month old (we lived near my Mom then) and we saw Terminator 3. I want a movie date!! Until then any date will due!!

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