Thursday, March 27


I can not believe it snowed last night. As I watched the snow fall I kept thinking this will never stick and at first it did not. Well we still have snow the next morning. The Princesses are excited and we will probably bundle up soon and head out. I love playing in the snow so it should be fun. The girls have been good sports since all of our play dates have been canceled this week. The first was one of the sibling got sick at school, the second was the friend has pink and the third was siblings are vomiting!! Well at least we can play in the snow!! The Princesses are discussing throwing up right now and have decided they don't want to so we will stay home (as if I would take them lol!) Well we are off to put on snow clothes!

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  1. We're going skiing this week. Snow in the mountains is good, but in my yard ... not so great!


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