Wednesday, March 19


Princess G has a very bad ear infection in one ear and almost one in the other. She has had a cold with a cough for a few days and did not sleep well Monday night. I kept asking her if she hurt anywhere but she said no. We were even at the Doctors on Tuesday for her sister's 5 year check-up. Well last night she hardly slept and said her ear hurt. After lucking out on an appointment early in the morning (I could have gone to convience care but you never know how the long the wait will be) Princess A missed the beginning of Pre-K. I almost didn't take her since when we were done at the Doctors class was almost half over, but I am glad I did since they had an Easter egg hunt. After dropping Princess A off we went and got Princess G her antibiotics and hopefully she will be better soon. The Doctor seemed surprised that she did not complain earlier considering how bad the infection was. Makes me wonder if she has had them before. I only know of one earache that was equally bad about a year ago. Princess A never had an earache which always surprised me since I had horrible earaches as an infant through 1st grade.

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