Monday, March 17

Disney Replaced my DVD

Ever since we got Bugs Life the DVD just did not play right. The movie would freeze, get stuck or show pixels in the wrong spot. I lost the receipt so I never tried to return it. Few years later Princess A gets a Princess Stories DVD from the Easter Bunny. It works fine for 9 months and then the story with Jasmine is just skipped. I called Disney. I told them the problems, what DVD players I have and when I bought them. They sent me prepaid postage to send the DVDs in with all of the original packaging. I was told that if they could replicate the problem and it was not due to any damage I caused, such as scratches, they would send me new DVDs. Well we got the DVDs back, well I should say we got new ones and they work great. We can finally watch Bugs Life without unplanned pauses. Now if you damaged the DVD, broke it or scratched it you can get it replaced also, you just have to pay $6.95. Not a bad deal since a new one is much more or might not even be available. They are always "Going back into the vault."
I wish they had the movies available all of the time. We got rid of our VCR and now we can't watch Beauty and the Beast. We missed it when it came out on DVD. I would love to buy one but I am not paying almost $50 on ebay!!

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