Monday, April 7

Mini Slumber Party

My two Princesses are much to small for slumber parties but they ask all of the time. They want to have a friend over or just sleep together in one of their beds. This past week I sort of relented. I told them they could have a mini slumber party in Princess G's crib (we did it three nights). I put them to bed early but together in the crib. I pretended it was the real bed time and even tucked them in. I then left them to play until the real bedtime. They had so much fun, I heard lots of giggling and bursts of laughter. I really like it since they climbed right into bed and I had some extra time to myself in the evening to spend with my DH. When I told them the slumber party was over they grumbled a little bit until I reminded them that they could do it again. They had so much fun I might make it more of a regular thing.

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  1. aw. that's really sweet. and if it makes them happy AND gets you more free time - SCORE!


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