Sunday, April 27

Big Girl Bed Saga

Well we are moving Princess G out of her crib and into a twin bed. The bed was ordered a week before Easter and it came in. We picked the bed up and a mattress and brought it home. We took the crib apart and started to put the new bed together. We were all so excited and then it did not go together. The bed rails just would not hook onto the headboard or the foot board. We tried everything and finally called the store. After many phone calls to different people they told us they would call us the next day. I was mad to say the least, though I was very polite and never raised my voice. We returned the truck we rented and by then it was past dinner time. I threw something together and we ate. Now it was late and we were not in the mood to put the crib together. Instead I added some bed rails on the guest bed and put Princess G in there. She was excited at first but after an hour wanted her crib back. Eventually she fell asleep, but I was restless and checked her all night. Finally the store called and sent someone over to our house to check the bed. He showed up (after going to the wrong house) and it was not us, the bed is broken. I was so frustrated with the store (we ordered from them once before and they kept sending us home with the wrong bed) so I told them to take the bed and I wanted my money back. I calmed down later and told the store if they would deliver and set up the bed (they do not offer this service) I would still like to purchase the bed. I was a little surprised but they agreed. Now we just have to wait a couple of weeks for the bed to come in.

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  1. First congratulations on this first big hurdle. Good luck finding that right one for her too. But I'm happy to announce that isn't your only good news for the day. YOU ARE ONE OF THE HANES GIVEAWAYS LUCKY WINNER! I'll be emailing you in a few, unless you beat me to it. (


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