Saturday, April 5

Princess wand craft

The Princesses have been into crafts lately and I bought them a Princess craft kit to keep them busy during spring break. It comes with everything you need to make a wand, a crown, necklaces, bookmarks, a frame and lots of other projects. Notice I said a wand and a crown. Hence the problem. I never thought one crown, one wand, two girls. I noticed it before we started so I ran around the house trying to find a substitue wand for one of my girls. I took the cardboard tube from a dry cleaning hanger (we only had two and I broke one). I let Princess G pick a ribbon and I wrapped the tube in red ribbon. I glued the ends and tucked them in the ends of the tube. Princess G then used two sticky foam pieces to sandwich the stick in between. She then covered it with princess foam stickers. I added a ribbon and beads (like the one in the kit) and it turned out great. You can see the two wands here. I think my homemade one turned out pretty good considering I came up with the idea in only a few minutes. I also traced the crown that came in the kit onto a craft foam sheet so they each had a crown too! I forgot to take a picture but I think it turned out well, at least Princess G is happy with it.

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