Tuesday, April 1

Spring Break

We are having a very relaxed Spring Break. Yesterday we just played around the house and today was a play date/lunch at a new friend's house. We were suppose to arrive at 11am so we were just about to leave the house (on time)when Princess A says "Mommy do you want to read the story I made?" She then shows me some paper that is drawn all over. She just came from her room (which pen and crayons are not allowed in) so I told her to "bring me the green pen right now!" "But Mommy it's not a pen, it is a pencil and I only got a little on my bed spread." Not what I wanted to hear. Surprisingly it came out in a few minutes with just some water not like the pen incident a few months ago. So we were a little late, plus it was in an area I have never been so I was a little unsure I was going the right way. We had so much fun we stayed longer than I planned. Princess A has a new friend and hopefully it will last a long time.

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  1. Hope you are having a great spring break.
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