Sunday, April 13


I was sent cleanteam shampoo, hand soap, and moist wipes to review by M80 on behalf of Kimberly Clark. We have not had the chance to try the shampoo yet but we did use the hand soap and wipes. The Hippo hand soap was a huge hit. When you push the head down to dispense the soap a light inside the head blinks for 20 seconds (the proper amount of time you should be srubbing your hands). The Princesses just loved that, they kept washing their hands with the lights off, just to watch the blinking light. The light does not come on though unless you push all of the way down, which Princess A did not always accomplish. A couple of times I was called into the bathroom since they thought it was broken, once I figured out the problem I just let Princess A know she had to push down all of the way. The wipes worked great and were easy to remove one at a time from the container. I like the light scent but I do prefer unscented products. We will be buying more when we run out.


  1. Looks like nice stuff!

    My kids love soap in a pump ... almost too much.

  2. Looks like good stuff.


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  3. Hey your email just bounced back to me so try emailing me at
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  4. was very surprised to be picked as a reviewer for these great products - everybody is getting cleaner around here and I am loving the light up dino pump dispenser!!


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