Sunday, May 17

Frigidaire Launches New Appliance Collection

Frigidaire's recently released "Motherload Index" revealed that moms spend most of their waking lives - 200 hours each month doing activities they they don't enjoy such as washing dishes, doing laundry, taking care of pets and such. (The Frigidaire Motherload Index is based on an online consumer index fielded nationwide to 1170 US females, ages 25 - 50, who are married and have 2+ children in the household by NPD. ) I know it is true. Right now I have too many loads of laundry to even count. Frigidaire wants to help Moms by freeing up some time to do something fun. Frigidaire has come out with a new line of appliances which take less time so therefore Moms will have to spend less time cleaning. I started thinking of how I would use all that free time. I would read more, practice cake decorating, start knitting and crocheting again, take a nap and I must admit more blogging. What five things would you do with your extra time?
Enter your five things in this questionnaire for a chance to win a suite of NEW Frigidaire appliances!
Frigidaire is also hosting a Daily Dare. Log on every day for a chance to win a Frigidaire Affinity Laundry Collection. I would adore a new set of Frigidaire appliance and not just because they would save me time but they are so pretty too. Hey if we Moms will see them everyday why not have something beautiful and functional?

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