Friday, May 22

Watching Baby Worms

The girls just love when I find worms in the garden. As soon as I find them they like to put them in the wheelbarrow. They like to add grass, some dirt and rocks so the worms have a home. Princess G had so much fun just watching her 'baby wormy' (the first one I found was very short, hence a baby). I later found a longer one that the girls said must be the mommy. Princess G felt she could ride her bike once we found the mommy worm since it would watch the baby now. Later we put the worm family back in the garden. Worms really are their favorite part of gardening, though they still will not touch them.

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  1. What is it about kids and worms! I dd loves to find bugs and worms in the garden. She is a sleep talker and it is funny the things that she talks about. Lately it's been the lady bug we found at the park.

    I have a blog award for you!


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