Thursday, May 7

Mother's Day Diamonds

The girls wanted to use their Princess Arts and Crafts kit. After going through it they decided to make diamonds with Popsicles sticks. Princess A wanted to make them extra pretty with the glitter glue. Princess G made mommy and baby worms/snakes on hers (the second one). Princess A then asked me "Mommy, do you think a mommy would like a sparkly diamond like this for a present or something?" Then when Daddy got home (and I was 2 feet away) she showed him "Here is Mommy's present we made for Mother's Day. Do you think she will like it Daddy?" Last night she made me something at her Daisy meeting. This morning she told me it was a tissue box with paper inside but that she couldn't tell me what they read. The gift she made me at school I helped her make. They came home today and she told me not to look at the wrapped gift so I won't know what's inside. Too funny. She can never keep a surprise. When ever she has a gift for a person she always tells them everything but one detail, as if that one detail is what will surprise them. My husband's gift to me will stay a surprise if I can sign for it without looking at the return address when FedEx tries to deliver it again. (I was only gone from the house 20 minutes and that is when they tried to make the delivery!)


  1. These are adorable! Your little princess sounds like such a cutie -- I love that age when they think they're being so clever and secretive with gifts while spilling all the beans ;)

    So glad you joined in with Magic Marker Monday -- hope to see more from your little cutie!

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

  2. Such a sweet gift! Happy Mother's Day :)


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