Monday, May 18

Make it Monday: Books

Princess A loves making books. I usually take two or three sheet of paper, fold in half and staple twice on the fold (near the top and bottom). Princess G loves making books too! Princess A draws all of the pictures in her book and sometimes dictates the story to someone to write down. Other times she just remembers the story and loves to read them over and over. The girls make so many books they each have a library of the books they have written. I sometimes checkout some of their books but I have to make sure I return them in time or I get in trouble (I can't check out any new books from them.)


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  1. SOOOOOO cute! I love that you check out their books and that there are penalties for overdue returns -- LOL! :D They sound like a very creative duo!

    So very glad you joined in with MMM this week!

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN


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