Thursday, July 1

Bouncing Birthday Party

A friend of Princess A from school has her birthday in the middle of summer but because of some many people gone on vacations at that time she had her birthday party this month.
Her mom was sweet enough to invite Princess G as well. The party was at 10 am on Saturday. We arrived right at 10am but we were the only guest for a while since everyone else was very late. The girls did not mind as that meant they had it to themselves.
This bouncy place actually had two different rooms, we started in one room and then about halfway through the bouncing time we moved to the next room.
After all of the bouncing we went to a third room for food and gifts.
After pizza each child received their own clown ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins. My girls ate some of the frosting but it was a little to much for them. They easily polished off the ice cream and cone. The birthday girl got to sit on a throne and open her gifts. As a parting gift each child received a book and bubbles, which were perfect for the girls. Princess G was excited to receive a Fancy Nancy Easy Reader (the Stars one) and Princess A received an Amelia Badelia book (she was excited as we did not have that one yet.)


  1. What fun pictures! Looks like a great time was had by all.


  2. We just went to Pump It Up for the 1st time last week and my 3-year-old had SO MUCH fun. They have open playtimes for preschoolers three times a week. I'm sure we'll go back soon...such a great way to beat the Arizona heat! :)


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