Tuesday, July 27

Hot Days

We have finally been having a few hot days and that means playing in the sprinkler or on this day playing in the kiddie pool (a blue Little Tikes pool.) The pool is barely wide enough to hold Princess A's whole body but she still wanted to try floating with her floaties. Surprisingly she was able to figure out a technique to float in the small pool.
Princess G had a small snack (apple scones) between splashing in the pool.

After her snack she did not want to walk on the cement patio so she crawled across the table instead and then carefully climbed down on to the pool.
My little reader wanted to read the book in the pool but as it is a library book I told her "No!" I should of chosen my words more carefully because she then asked if she could get on of her books to read in the pool. I told her no books in the pool but that she could read next to the pool.

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