Tuesday, July 20

Releasing our Butterflies

A few weeks ago I participated in a Twitter party for Insect Lore and won a surprise, a Butterfly Garden kit.
After we watched the caterpillars grow(you can not believe how fast they grow), form their crystalis, emerge as butterflies, and watch them eat (we fed them sugar water on flowers) for a while it was time to release them.

One by one the butterflies flew away. The girls were so excited every time one of them flit away.

One butterfly just did not want to leave. We left the flap open for over 20 minutes and the butterfly would sit on the very edge and then go back in over and over.
The girls loved watching their own caterpillars grow and eventually turn into butterflies. My girls (and their Daddy) are already asking if we can order some more caterpillars. We will definitely be ordering more caterpillars in the future. The whole process is so much fun and at the same time my girls learned so much.
I won the butterfly kit, I was not asked to do a review and all of the opinions stated are my own.

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