Saturday, July 10

Teeth Slicing

Back in November the girls' dentist wanted to pull two teeth and slice off part of two others in Princess A's mouth. She heard that and wanted no part of it. The reason is that her bottom teeth are very, very crowded. When we went back last month the teeth the dentist wanted to pull had fallen out already on their own. There was no room for the new teeth. They came up but they were behind the front bottom teeth.

Since there was no teeth pulling we decided to go ahead with the rest of the dentist's recommendation, teeth slicing. Basically a part of a baby tooth is sliced off to make room for the new teeth to come forward. Princess A was very brave but it was a little painful. We were told she would feel nothing but she did. After the tooth was sliced they brushed the exposed side with a varnish to prevent any pain (that also was not true as her teeth did hurt for a day or so.) I am glad we did it as her teeth now have room to come forward, I just hope that they made enough room because I don't think Princess A wants to go through that again. She did really well considering it was painful so to reward her I took her and her sister to McDonald's for lunch.

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