Thursday, April 3

Grocery Bag

I have been meaning to for a while and today I remembered to bring my own bags to the store! I did have to use some grocery bags from the store (note to self bring more bags even for small trips) but every bag not needed is a start. I also discovered that Fred Meyer will give you 5 cents off your bill for every bag you bring. Now if I had only bought what I planned they would have fit but Princess G actually went into the Kiddieland (a play area for the kids that is supervised so you can shop sans kids). I was having so much fun shopping by myself that I wandered around and found some extra deals. I also used the whole hour and that has never happen before. I sort of want to go back tomorrow and have a coffee at the in store Starbucks and let them play in kiddieland.

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  1. Good for you, going green!

    Thanks for stopping by to comment at Canned Laughter. You have been entered to win in the stationery give away. Good Luck!


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