Sunday, June 1

The Kid in You

Last Saturday we went to a birthday party at the YMCA. All of the kids were having a blast on the rope swing. My girls wanted me to swing with them so I hopped on. It was so much fun!! I swung with each of them a few time and then it was my turn. I was having so much fun that soon all of the other parents wanted a turn too!!


  1. Great! You really are celebrating the kid in you! :)

    Found you @ 5 Minutes for Mom!

  2. Looks like fun...and you must be very strong! That actually looks like a pretty good workout! LOL. :)

  3. Have you had any luck in winning a Wii Fit? I have tried on as many websites as I have found. No luck so far. I see you have entered some of the same places. Good luck to you!


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