Tuesday, June 10

Gloves in a Bottle

I was sent a sample of Gloves in a Bottle and Princess G loves it. I actually had to hide the bottle. I pulled it out for this review and she has already asked for some on her hands three times. She is rubbing it on her hands, arms and tummy. The lotion is very soothing and really seems to keep our hands soft. Once it absorbs, which does take a minute or two of rubbing it seems to protect our hands. It does feel a little slimy if you wash your hands within 10 minutes of applying and it seemed that every time I put it on someone needed their hands washed. Princess G is still slathering it all over. She really, really likes this lotion. Now Princess A is the one who hates lotion and she kind of likes this one. She let me put it on her hands more than a few times which for her is a ringing endorsement. Her finger tips are very dry and the lotion seemed to help heal the cracks. Her hands are definitely better. Princess G is still putting more on I better go hide the bottle again or it will be empty by the end of the day.

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