Thursday, June 5

I have become a Wii stalker

It started out innocently at first, whenever I was in a store that carries Wiis I would wander through electronics and see if they had any. After a while I started asking at the counter "Do you have any Wiis?" I started to become more desperate, I started calling stores and asking if they had any Wii in stock. Now I know when certain stores usually get their Wii in stock. I have a schedule of stores to call at certain times and days. One place even recognizes my voice and I don't even have to ask the question. As soon as I say "Hello." They answer "Sorry, none in stock." I finally found a possibility (Toys R Us is having a Wii day on Sunday) but as I am trying to get this for my husband for Father's Day that will be kind of hard to sneak away. I think he will notice if I a missing for 2 hours Sunday morning, plus who says I will get one. The sales person said they expect a line when they open up. What am I going to do, I am running out of time!! I guess I need a little luck and better stalking/hunting skills. Any suggestions?


  1. You are so funny, have you entered the compusa wii a day give away? Do you have any friends that would be willing to do you the favor of waiting in line??? Do they have them in stock online anywhere?

  2. I had the same problem but then we found them on Ebay.

    We all love it.


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