Monday, June 23

Limes for Dessert

Yesterday at the grocery store the girl really wanted a lime to get a lime. At first I wasn't going to buy them a lime to eat but then I thought about it. It is a fruit and much better than asking for candy or cookies. So I bought them a lime. As soon as we got home they wanted to eat it right away. We made lunch first and then they forgot. They remembered again after dinner. They said they wanted a lime for dessert. I cut them some slices and they started to eat it. They really liked it but said it was "Ohh so sour!!" I offered a little sugar to go on the slices and they loved it even more. My DH just shook his head and said "Ah my girlies!" I remember that as a kid I loved eating lemons with and without a little sugar, my grandparents had a huge lemon tree when I was growing up. Kind of funny my girls love eating lemon and limes too!


  1. Discovered your blog today and enjoyed reading through your posts. Hope to visit again soon.

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  3. Thanks for linking to my bash.
    You have two very cute little girls!

    I enjoy sour things but I've never actually thought to eat a lemon or lime plain. I just use them a lot in cooking and baking.

  4. WELCOME to the SITSTAhood! We're so glad you found us!!


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