Tuesday, June 10

Fancy Nancy, We love these books

My girls recently received a few Fancy Nancy books from my Mom. I had seen the books when we were in book stores but I never picked one up. They are so cute. We currently have Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words, Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris, Fancy Nancy at the Museum, and my Princess A's favorite Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly. She has memorized almost every word. She likes to read the books every night to Pinky and Sunny before lights out. A new one, Fancy Nancy Sees Stars, comes out in October and I am sure we will be picking it up when it comes out. I love that the Fancy Nancy books are about a girl who is not perfect but tries to do the right thing. She also is always dressed up very fancy just like my girls. I usually get them to wear pants in the winter (which we are still having, it is 50 degrees outside) once or twice a month. The rest of the time the are in dresses. Even on days I get them into pants as soon as we come inside they are changing into dresses. I also love that they use 'fancy words' which are advanced vocabulary words. I don't dumb down my language for my girls and I love books that don't either. I have even started using the Fancy Nancy phrase, when my girls ask me what a word means I say it is a fancy way of saying a word they already know. Lastly I love that they put in a few French word (Fancy Nancy loves all things French). My daughter is learning a few french words and encourages my DH to speak French with them also.

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