Sunday, June 29

Summer Has Arrived

We finally had some hot weather, it hit over 90 degrees. We have been playing in the kiddie pool and staying in the shade. I know 90s it not horribly hot but to us it seems like it. I think the heat is about to end as a thunderstorm is starting to brew outside. Tonight we went to a birthday party at a Bouncy House place. The girls had a blast. Beside the 20 minutes it took for cake and presents they were on the go for 2 hours. Princess A wants to have her birthday party their next year. I think we will. It was so much fun!! Even Princess G got into the act. They had a very tall super slide and she climbed up all on her own. I climbed up up behind her just in case most of the time but she was so fast she got ahead of me a few times. All in all a great weekend.

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