Sunday, June 1

End of year teacher gift

Princess A wanted to make thank you gifts for her Pre-K teachers. I had some compact mirrors and told her she could decorate them. I asked her if she wanted to cover them with fabric/ribbons or to paint them. Of course she said "Both Mommy!" So we did both. She cut out

two circles of fabric for each compact and I glued gunned them on.

Then the girls mixed paint with glitter and started painting.

Princess G helped too, her paint took over a day to dry since she used so much paint!

The girls then decorated some gift bags with stickers and stamps. Princess A drew pictures on the back of her thank you notes (I have photo cards I ordered from Shutterfly with Thank you and her pictures). Friday was her end of the year program and she handed out the gifts them. She still has two more snow days to make up but I thought that it was a good time to have her hand out the gifts to her five teachers. They seem to like them, especially since she made them herself. She was so excited she made them open the gifts in front of her right them.

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