Thursday, December 18

Another Snow Day!

This is our second snow day in a row, though technically Princess A did not have kindergarten yesterday (she has every other Wednesday off) but we did miss Princess G's ballet. Today Princess A did miss school and she is getting worried she won't be able to give her teacher her Christmas gift. She wanted to take it to school Tuesday but as she did not ask to wrap it until we were putting coats on and leaving for school I assured her she could take it to school later this week. I hope she has school tomorrow as she really wants her teacher to read the Christmas story she wrote and illustrated.

The girls are playing Mario as we wait for Uncle Tommy to get here. Daddy went to pick him up from the airport. The flight was delayed almost 2 hours which was good because though my husband gave himself extra time to get to the airport it took him and extra hour and half longer than he anticipated. Now they are on their way here. Normally it about an hour drive but today it will take much longer. It is not looking so good for school tomorrow.

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