Thursday, December 18

Christmas Festival

We had a lot of fun at the Christmas Victorian Festival but last year was so much better. This year the Santa was in a tiny little booth and they did not have any crafts for the kids to do. They also did not have a bouncy slide to play on. They did have the carousel and the train which we took full advantage of. We rode the carousel over 10 times, I lost count around 7 times. After the first three rides we had to change horses every time. One nice thing was I got to ride one of the horse for the first time in years. The girls really wanted me to ride a horse so hopped on a horse and rode the carousel up and down over 10 times! Starbucks had a booth like last year and was giving away samples of Hot Cocoa and some coffee. Princess G did not want the Hot coco (she burnt her tongue last year) and they were nice enough to give her just whipped cream. Princess A loved the hot cocoa and wanted a cup every time we went by. We also watched candle carving and picked up some scones for Daddy on the way out. Fun but cold and long day.

Celebrate the holidays, for some more ideas and some great prizes head to the My 3 Wisemans blog

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