Friday, December 19

Keeping the Holidays Simple

I always have such big plans for the holidays, so many activities, people to visit, places to go and of course shopping for gifts. This year I decided 'No plans,' I was just going to go with the flow. Instead of planning out thing I just made a list of idea, things that would be fun but if they did not happen that was fine. Some days we woke up and just did nothing on my list, other days we did one or two of them. It was really nice having options but not expectations that something had to be done. We did see Santa, got our shopping done (some online so I could skip having to ship stuff), saw the Nutcracker, attended the Christmas Festival, made some crafts and played in the snow. A few of my ideas have not materialized and if we don't get to them there is always next year or even after the Christmas.

If you are feeling overwhelmed wants to share that FFDA ( has free support groups for moms, as well as other helpful services, that might be helpful at this time of year (or anytime) for anyone just needing a helping hand so they can enjoy a healthier and happy new year.

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