Tuesday, December 9

Tackling my Sewing Pile

Here is my pile of stuff I need to sew.
Here they are all folded after I sewed them all.
I am sure there will be a new pile my tomorrow to sew.
Tackle-It Tuesday on 5 Minutes For Mom.

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  1. Ooh! YOu have been busy! It's so nice to finish a project like that, isn't it!

    For my tackle, I made Penuche: http://chocolatefingerprints.net/

    Happy tackling! :)

  2. Great tackle! I am in awe of people who sew. Awesome job:-)

  3. It's like dishes. You always have some.

  4. I could use to make my pile disappear too. I also have 4 zippers to replace. Not my favorite thing to do :)

  5. Great job on your tackle! Looks like you were busy!


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