Wednesday, December 31

Our Christmas Eve

First we made a quick trip to Target to finish my husband's Christmas shopping.
(I know I should of finished it earlier but we did get snowed in!)
In the few minutes it took to unload the car they were in the snow. Princess G had fun until her legs got wet.
I tried to tell her that it would happen if she didn't have snow pants on.
Then we finally painted our salt dough ornaments we made earlier.

I made sure they had the same amounts and shapes but Princess G painted a little faster, even after repainting half of them. (We where halfway done when I remembered to get out the paint glitter.) Princess A gave some of her ornaments to her sister and I to paint. I painted Santa, a heart, a Scottie dog and an Easter cross for her.

While we waited for the paint to dry I let the girls have snow with Sprite poured over it.

They both really liked it and I remember my Mom making the same for me when I was little.

We also made more gingerbread cookies (a different and stickier recipe) and molasses cookies (my grandmother's recipes) for Santa.

Soon after Daddy got home the ornaments were dry enough for the tree.

Princess A's favorite (besides the Santa I made her) is this flower.

Princess G's favorite was her 'Sparkles Unicorn."

Soon it was time for bed so we set out the cookies we made that day (molasses and gingerbread), a glass of milk with ice (Santa likes it really cold), and gifts Princess A made for Santa, a book and a candy cane ornament.

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