Tuesday, December 16

Liberty Mutual Be Fire Smart

The Princesses and I talk about fire safety all the time. Last summer when we went to a local fair the fire department had a booth. The girls got balloons, sticker badges, Princess A got to make a 911 call and they both got to practice leaving a house in fire. They had a little bed for the kids to climb on, then a smoke alarm goes off, they have to check the door to see if it is hot. If the door is cool to the touch they open the door, crawl through the smoke, go out the other door and run to the neighbors house to tell them there is a fire. They both did great and followed the correct protocol, well Princess A knew what to do and helped her sister. We have our own plan which is similar to the one they practiced at the fair. At least once a month we go over the plan, usually on the way home from school. Princess A's favorite part is that if her door is hot she leaves it closed, opens the window and gets to yell "Help! Fire! Dial 911!" as loud as she can. She likes the idea of yelling super loud! Fire safety is very important as more Americans die (4,000 each year) from fires than all natural disasters combined. There are lots of things you can do make your home and family safer, a family plan of escape to only one, for more ideas visit Liberty Mutual's fire safety site http://www.befiresmart.com/

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