Friday, July 10

Carefree Ultra Protection Review

I tried the Carefree Ultra Protection liners and was impressed. They are a little bigger than most liners and had wings on the side which helped keep them in place. I also liked that they were unscented. I really don't want scents on liners and such. If you visit their website you can request a sample so you can try it out for yourself. Today is the last day you can also enter the Carefree Fresh Start Fund, giving women a chance to win $10,000, $5,000, and $3,000 for a “fresh start.” Would you love a fresh start? Every one would love a fresh start at least once in their life. My fresh start was when I left for college. I went completely across the country and I loved it. It was hard to be so far from home and to not know anyone. I did not even visit the school until a few days before classes started. It was scary but so exciting!!! My fresh start was the beginning of a wonderful life. Do you need a fresh start? Make sure you enter you might just win and be one step closer to a fresh start!!

Thank you Mom Central for this review opportunity.

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