Sunday, July 12

Day Two of Our Trip to Disneyland

We started our day how we ended our trip the year before, riding Dumbo!
Considering how tired we were the day before we were at the gates of Disneyland when it opened. The line was so short we rode Dumbo twice in a row.

Next Princess A couldn't wait to go on Mr. Toad's ride. She loves this ride and always has to go multiple times. Princess G will go on it but always holds her ears the whole time.

They are so cute wearing the Minnie Mouse ears. Princess G kept asking me to wears hers!

I am wearing the ears while I took this cute picture.
Princess G really wanted to ride the carousel. She did not get 'Roses' the first time so we went a second time. I ran really fast and just got 'Roses' before someone else could. You can see how happy she is to be riding 'Roses.'

After finally getting off the carousel we went to California's Adventure Park to ride the new Toy Story Mania. It was so much fun. It did have a long line, it usually was between 45 and 90 minutes during our visit. We waited about 40-45 minutes. It was well worth the wait!!!

We took a ride on Triton carousel and then went to the Playhouse Disney show. Last year the show was closed so it had been over two years since we had been. Princess A was not excited to go but once the show started she was just as thrilled as Princess G. I missed seeing Bear of the Big Blue House but the show was fun and entertaining even for parents.

Since we were nearby the girls wanted to go to Bugs' Land. I have no idea why but they just love the Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. It is cute but so boring. They love it so of course mommy took them. Daddy got a break and left me to go on all the rides.

We skipped the bumper cars but rode all of the other ones. Flik's Flyers is one of my favorite ride in Bugs' Land. I also like the spinning Francis' Ladybug Boogie ride too.

We headed back to the Boardwalk area to possibly ride the Toy Story Mania again. The line was over an hour long so we tried some of the carnival games. The girls played the fishing for Rubber Duckies. Everyone is a winner which is perfect for our girls. Princess A won the medium prize (a duck) and Princess G won a little turtle.
We then went back to Disneyland to spend sometime before the fireworks.

Daddy found a spot and sat down. I took the girls on another Buzz Lightyear ride. I took them back to Daddy and went to wander the shops of Main Street by myself. I found the cutest necklaces for the girls (a bead necklace with an enamel princess, one with Cinderella and the other Aurora) but as I did not have my wallet I had to get them another day.

They had high winds and kept delaying the fireworks. Thankfully they did have them that night as I don't think we could of stayed up late again. They show was wonderful!! It was not only fireworks but also a light show. The girls we asleep before we were even out of the park.

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