Saturday, July 11

Day one of Our Trip to Disneyland in May

For the last couple of years we have celebrated Princess A's birthday in Disneyland. This year with so much going on we didn't go in March as usual. Well my husband could not resist so we ended up going at the end of May. The girls found out we were going when the Easter bunny left a letter from Mickey Mouse inviting us to visit Disneyland. The second ride we went on was the Teacups (we tried Star Tours but Princess G was too small so only Princess A and I went.)
After this picture we remembered to take off our hats for pictures.
Of course we had to get a picture with Pooh Bear. This year we did autograph books (we usually bring a few storybooks for the characters to sign.)
Next the girls saw Tigger. We still have never seen Piglet though we have seen Eeyore at least once. Later we ended the night with another ride of Buzz Lightyear, always a family favorite. We were up at 2:30 am to catch our flight so we were all so tired and ready for bed by eight o'clock

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