Tuesday, July 28


We are currently having a heatwave. Our whole area has an excessive heat advisory for the next couple of days. I am not sure what the high temp today was but at one point it was 99 degrees. We have do not have an air conditioner so lets just say the house too hot!! No relief in this hot weather is expected for the next couple of days. It might get down to 89 this weekend! I am just melting! It is so hot I don't really want to be on the computer, it just lets off so much heat. I probably won't be blogging much until it cools down some. It is almost 10 pm and my room is about 89 degrees (outside is 82).

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  1. I remember Washington, I always wanted it to get hot! I still love the hot and humid. Then you can say, I can't do anything, it is so hot!


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