Tuesday, July 7

Our 4th of July

We were invited over to some friends to celebrate the Fourth. They had built a tree house since the last time we had visited. The stairs were a little scary to the girls at first, but by the end of the night Princess A had no problems and Princess G only need help coming down.

The tree house is a little more like a deck around a tree but it was so much fun. All night my husband and I took turns helping Princess G down since they kept climbing up there to play. When we weren't going back and forth we were enjoying so much yummy food. I was so stuffed I was not hungry until lunch the next day!

The girls also had fun playing and exploring the backyard. We stayed until after 9 which is way past the girl's bedtime. When we got home lots of neighbors were setting off their fireworks. We gave the girls a quick shower bath, got them in their nightgowns and set them up with snacks to watch the fireworks. They each had a bowl of pretzels, favorite stuffed animals, warm blanket and a little chair at the window to watch the show. The girls were asleep by about 10:30 though the fireworks went on past midnight!!

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