Tuesday, March 2

Day in the Sun and Shoe Shopping

I have no idea why blogger made this picture so small. I took it at the same time as the others, very strange. If you can see it, the picture is of Princess G on her favorite stone animal, the turtle.

Princess A likes the stone gecko the most.

We were out and about and Daddy offered to take us all out for lunch. These cute stone animals are nearby and the girls always love climbing all over them.

While they were playing I noticed a shoe store and remembered that Princess A needed new shoes, so off we went on the hunt for new shoes.

Princess G wanted a picture with this rock. We walked to the store (Famous Footwear) and found the perfect shoe put they did not have Princess A's size. They did have it at another store so off we drove to the other store. We ended up buying her some Nike running shoes and she loves them. We wanted to get them for Princess G too but they said they did not come in her size. The next day we were out again at at a completely different store (Fred Meyer) and we found them in Princess G's size. The funny thing was that this store did not have it in Princess A's size and said they did not think they even made them in that bigger size, well they thought that until they saw Princess A wearing them. What are the odds of finding the same shoe (well almost the same, one is in girl sizes and the other toddler sizes) in different stores?

They both love their shoes (I need to get a picture) and have been showing them to everyone.

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