Monday, March 1

Our Caterpillar, Penelope

Over the weekend we found a caterpillar in the yard.
The girls we so excited and decided to name the caterpillar Penelope. After gently holding her for a while they decided to put her in the 'bug catcher home'.
Penelope needs lots of food so the girl went around the whole yard and picked at least one (usually a few) of each kind of leaf.

Penelope, a Woolly Bear Caterpillar, was curled up in a ball and I told the girls if they left her a lone she might start crawling. The girls set up an observation station the garage, complete with snacks and drinks. After a while the caterpillar did start yo move around.
We did let the girls keep her one night and the next morning we let her go.
If you are wondering what Princess A is doing she is playing sword with the bug nets.

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