Thursday, March 25


I have so many posts I need to get done and I just can't get motivated. I have our trip to Disneyland, Princess A's birthday and her party and all the stuff in between. I even made an ice cream pie. My mind just can't focus. I am on the computer as it distracts me but actual post don't seem to happen. My Dad has cancer and is going in for surgery tomorrow (he found out a little over a week ago). They are not sure where the cancer is but the think it is in the mouth or neck area (cancer cells were found in his lymph nodes in the neck). While prepping for that surgery they found a spot in his lung so they will be biopsying that spot tomorrow and removing it. If that was not enough yesterday my brother-in-law was in a horrible motorcycle accident. He crushed his left hand and wrist, broke some ribs and some bones in his back and worst of all he has some bleeding in his brain(they drilled into his skull to put in a sensor). He has not woken up and my sister is so worried. I just keep praying. There is not much else I can do as they in California and I am here in Washington. Please keep my family in your prayers right now.
Sorry again if this post has not made any sense. I should go to bed but I just can't sleep.


  1. Sending you virtual hugs because you sound as if you really need them. My heart goes out to you and your family! Family first...heck a lot of things first before no worries. My thoughts are with you and yours through this extremely rough time......

  2. So sorry to hear about your dad and BIL. Just prayed for quick recovery and good health for both of them - and peace for you + your family.



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