Wednesday, March 3

Q-tip Snowflakes Craft

Now don't hate me but we have not had snow this winter. We had light flurries for about 15 minutes back in November but that does not really count. The girls have been a little disappointed so we made our own snowflakes. I gave each of the princesses a sheet of tin foil, a bunch of baby Q-tips (cut in half) and some glue.
(Did you ever use those baby Q-tips?
I rarely did so I have two boxes to use up, one from when each of my girls was born!)
We made a glue puddle and laid the Q-tips in it, try to have the tips touching.

Princess G was so excited when she finally got the glue out.
(The bottle is almost empty so the glue took a while to come out.)
They both just kept making more and more until they ran out of space on the tinfoil.
Once they were all done I put the tinfoil in the laundry room so the glue could dry. When the glue was finally dry we peeled them off and had lots of pretty snowflakes.

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