Thursday, March 18

Preschool Pancake Dinner

On Shove Tuesday (also know as Fat Tuesday) Princess G's preschool had a pancake fundraiser. It was a madhouse! The line was huge and by the time you got to the front of the line they were out of pancakes again. Then you wait even longer for the pancake when they come you can only have one! Besides all the waiting the girls had a great time and the food was good. It was so crowded though that it was hard to move around at all. My husband does not like crowds so when we left he every nicely asked "Please can we never come back?" I had to laugh, not just because he said it but the super sad face he used too. It was our last preschool pancake dinner as next year they will both be in elementary school! That made my husband very happy. I am happy too because he just got back from a week in Juneau, Alaska tonight. No more business trips for a while!!!

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