Wednesday, June 29

Review: BFG

My family and I were able to attend a sneak preview of BFG last week and we were so excited.  My younger daughter, almost 11 years, loved this movie.  She was laughing out loud, especially the scene with the feast (I don't want to give anything away).  She just could not stop talking about how much she enjoyed watching the movie.  Now my teen thought it was a good movie but did not laugh out loud like her sister.  The movie is just beautiful to see.  My favorite part is when they are exploring and visit the dream tree.  The visuals in those scenes is enough just to see the movie.  The movie is good for families, though it would depend on the teen if they might enjoy it or not.  I did find the giant hard to understand sometimes so you do need to pay close attention and somewhat translate in your head. 

Disclosure: I attend a sneak preview with my family and all opinions stated are my own.

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