Saturday, May 31

Still Going Strong!!

Well I am hoping it will last and so far Princess G is doing great at using the potty. We had one accident yesterday when we were outside planting some plants. She tells me when she has to go potty, and gives me plenty of warning. Princess A would always tell me less than a minute before she had to go. I learned to run when she said she had to go potty. Many of time I was that crazed mother running through a store with two kids in my arms for the bathroom. At home she liked to tell me just as it was coming out. Now for Princess G she gives me plenty of time to nicely walk to the bathroom. Back after Christmas I even bought her a Dora doll that comes with a pony. She had a chart and if she filled it up she got the toy. She had no interest after using the potty once. Well today we gave it to her (no chart) since she has been doing so great. I really hope this is it, fingers crossed!! We are still using Pull-ups for night time. Now here is a weird fact Princess A was potty trained at night for almost a year before she was during the day.

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  1. We're potty training our daughter too. So far so good today (we take things a day at a time)! She's gone on her potty three times today already! :)

    That IS an interesting fact about how your daughter was potty trained at night first. I've read that it's usually the other way around...


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