Saturday, September 20

Huggies Contest

Have you seen the commercial where the father goes to change his son's diaper and the baby pees all over? When my brother was a baby I remember once my Aunt was changing him on my parent's bed and he started to pee. It went so high it hit the the ceiling fan, which was on, and sprayed all over. My Aunt started to scream and didn't know what to do. My Mom came running in and at first she was just in shock and then she just started to laugh. What else could you do it was all over?

For fun here is a video "Inside the Diaper", which is very funny and an extended version of the commercial on television.

Do you have a funny story (that happen to you or someone you know) about a child's pee being out of control or when you were in desperate need of a diaper with excellent leakage protection? Well post the story in the comments and you could win some prizes.


There will be two randomly chosen winners, which will each win two kinds of coupons:

  • Coupon 1: Any one [1] Jumbo Pack of Huggies Diapers...FOR FREE
  • Coupon 2: Any one [1] Huggies wipes (64ct or larger), Bath & Body Product, Cleanteam Product, or Changing Pad...FOR FREE

The winners will be awarded FIVE coupons: three Huggies diaper coupons (Coupon 1) and two Huggies wipes coupons (Coupon 2).


  • This contest is only open to contestants in the 50 United States of America (coupons are only valid in U.S.A.)
  • Your email must be readily available on your blog or included it in your comments or I will choose a new winner.
  • For an extra entry, blog about this contest and place the link in a separate comment.
  • Contest will end October 3, 2008 at midnight PT.

For another chance to win enter at M80 Meta Blog: Parents but hurry their contest ends September 24, 2008


  1. I entered the M80 contest too, so this is the same story, but it's my go-to diaper disaster!

    We are due in January with our first, so we dont have our own stories yet (although, I'm sure they're coming!). But while visiting family over thanksgiving a couple years ago, our niece Sarah was about 1.5 and still in diapers... well, she didn't have a pee incident, but somehow, the diaper was not able to absorb/keep in her poo, and she left a little 'dollop' right in-front of the fridge. Not being around kids THAT often, I didnt know what it was, and thought something had spilled from the dinner we were making or from the fridge. Yep, I proceeding to stick my finger in it and then sniff. I figured out verrrry quickly what it was and the whole family had a great laugh. Oh, how I hope our diapers will hold up (or in) better!

    Thanks!! laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

  2. also entered the other- love the commercial

  3. My son was sitting in my lap at dinner despite the pleas for him in his own chair. Then, I felt wet, he had peed right through his diaper on me. When he was younger, you could change him and instantly it would come out the side or the top,then I learned, he always needed to be pointed down. I was a new mom, I didn't know these things yet.

  4. My funniest diapering experience was actually my very first experience. Connor was born via a tramatic emergency csection so his first two days of life he slept most of the night in the nursery only to be brought in for feedings and snuggle time. On his third day they finally brought him to stay the night with me and I was still a little groggy so at about 3am I attempted my very first diaper change. Ironically only a few minutes earlier I had spilled my entire thing of water in my bed and had to call the nurse who was laughing on the other end thinking connor peed on me... well she stopped laughing and came in and helped me change my sheets... well not even five minutes later I had to call her and tell her that I was a bit too slow on the diaper change and not only had he peed on me.. but the bed.. the wall.. and the chair across the room. When Connor pees he does it right.. lol

  5. This story isn't hilarious, but it's funny to me because I realized how weird I am about being thrifty, sometimes it's better to not be SO thrifty ;) I became a first time mom last year in November. We had twin girls and during those first few months, diapers got REALLY expensive. We were going through about 15-20 per day. Around 2-3 months they stopped pooping as much, so I decided to see how long the diaper would last (i.e. how much pee it could hold). I wanted to try and use as few as possible per day. I'd always change a poopy bum right away, but if it was just pee I'd wait it out as long as possible. I was using alot of butt paste, so no rashes developed and babies rarely cried. There were a few days that I only used 6 diapers! Total! I bragged to my husband about it, but he thought I should change the peepee bums more often. I agreed and we found other ways to save money. Now I look back and laugh, my poor little babies have such a cheapo mom. Now I use about 10 per day.


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