Saturday, September 6

My Princesses with Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

Last week I found the cutest store for Princesses in the downtown area. Once a month they have a different Princess come to read a story and take pictures.
They also have snacks out for a little tea party.
Princess G picked out this gem and wanted her picture taken since I wouldn't buy it for her or her sister.

Then both of my Princesses wanted a picture holding gems. Princess A also went around the store listing what she wanted for Christmas. When I told her Santa does not have very much room in his sack so she won't be able to get everything on her list. She told me "That's O.k. Mommy you can put it on the list you and Daddy are getting me for Christmas!"


  1. Such adorable kids! :)

    Just want to tell you you're the lucky winner to the Sticker Set Play Scene by MudPuppy giveaway on Hip Mama's Place..congatulations!!!

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  2. I love that different princesses come to the store. What a dream come true for little girls! :)


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